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Welcome to Custom Wax Paper where quality meets innovation. We are the one-stop solution for all the restaurant's food packaging. We provide the ultimate solution in the form of food wraps that keep the quality and texture of the food intact.

Designed specifically for the restaurant our wax papers are customized as per the specific requirement of the food so that you can give an exclusive presentation of your food. To enjoy our best services and products place your order now.

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Show your commitment to environmental sustainability with our eco-friendly, biodegradable wax paper for your food packaging.

Custom Printed

Personalize your food packaging experience by printed wax paper with your restaurant’s logo, colors and design of your choice. We use food safe inks in complete printing cycle.

Sharp Color

Represent your brand effortlessly with crisp, vibrant color printing that brings your logo and design to life. We print as per exact match Pantone colors & CMYK color combinations.

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Custom Paper in All Sheet Sizes

4" x 4"5" x 5"6" x 5"6" x 6"
7" x 5"7" x 7"8" x 5"8" x 6"
8" x 8"8.5" x 11"9" x 5"9" x 6"
9" x 9"10" x 5"10" x 6"10" x 8"
10" x 10"10.75" x 10"12" x 6"12" x 8"
12" x 9"12" x 10"12" x 12"13" x 6"
13" x 9"13" x 10"13" x 13"14" x 12"
15" x 9"15" x 10.75"15" x 12"15" x 13"
16" x 12"17" x 11"18" x 10"18" x 12"
18" x 13"20" x 10"20" x 12"20" x 13"
20" x 15"20" x 18"20" x 20"20" x 25"
20" x 28"

Custom Wax Paper


Let’s present your food more professionally with our custom wax paper and greaseproof paper. A perfect way to magnify your business standards along with your restaurant’s food packaging.

Now say goodbye to old oil-consuming and flammable papers and enjoy the nonsticky food baking to let your business shine. Get the most budget-exclusive offers and customize the paper according to your business needs with our advanced printing techniques. Order now to make your food worth presenting with our custom wax paper.

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    Custom Deli Paper Your All Time Packaging Partner 

    Are you looking for sustainable food wraps? Do you want to retain your food hygiene and freshness without surpassing your budgetary constraints? If yes then look no further as we at are giving the best custom wax papers that are both high in quality and economical. 

    We know that different foods have different packaging requirements, so we at are giving multiple varieties of food wraps. Apart from this, our services consist of paper printing that allows you to give a personalized look to your food.

    From custom wax paper bags to paper sheets we have all the varieties at your disposal. With 24/7 customer care services, we make sure that all our clients get the best and foolproof service from us. 

    Who Should Use Custom Wax Paper?

    For all the businesses that deal in food products whether they are running a fast food corner or have a deli store our food wraps are the best option for them. From custom wax paper for restaurants to deli paper for deli stores, we have everything in premium quality. 

    Our food wraps are manufactured with premium quality paper that prevents the spilling of sauces from your fast food. Apart from this, you can keep your meat products fresh and juicy with our butcher paper treated in such a way that it remains food grade but nonporous in order to prevent meat dryness. The following sectors can freely use our wax paper: 

    • Restaurants 
    • Bakeries 
    • Butcher shops
    • Deli stores
    • Artists for arts and crafts 

    Why Should You Choose Us? 

    We are among the most experienced food wrap manufacturers in Canada that are providing their services to multiple sectors. Apart from our excellent services, we are providing top-notch custom wax paper sheets in various forms that make food packaging easy for you like never before. We are an impeccable choice of yours because of the following: 

    • Multiple varieties 
    • Food grade and sustainable material 
    • Quality assurance 
    • Custom designs and dimensions
    • Best B2B approach
    • Foolproof services 
    • 24/7 customer care services 
    • Free-of-cost delivery 

    Multiple Varieties 

    You can get multiple varieties of paper sheets from us that are tailored to the specific requirements of your food. Not all food can be packed in the same type of paper as some food needs a porous wrap while some need a complete impermeable wrapping. Considering this, we are giving multiple varieties of custom wax paper for food, such as 

    Custom Deli Paper

    This paper is a perfect choice for all the deli stores in Canada. As the paper is coated with a thin layer of wax therefore it is impermeable to moisture. You can wrap your sandwiches, cold-cut meats, sliced cheese, salads, etc. without losing their freshness. 

    Custom Butcher Paper 

    As the name of the paper indicates, butcher paper is the main requirement of butcher shops. Our custom butcher paper is treated with an inert sizing agent that gives the paper strength and resistance to moisture. This feature of our paper allows you to prevent any dripping of liquids from meat tissues. 

    Custom Parchment Paper 

    Our third variety, which is custom parchment paper is among the most frequently used custom wax papers. From personal to commercial purposes, parchment paper is extremely beneficial. This silicon-coated paper is an ideal choice when you need nonstick sheets to wrap or cook food. 

    Custom Greaseproof Paper 

    Our other premium paper variety is a custom grease-proof paper that is coated with an aqueous silicon emulsion which imparts nonstick properties to greaseproof paper. So if you need a heat-resistant pan lining then go with our grease-proof paper sheets. 

    Premium Coatings 

    Although we use one of the finest quality raw materials to manufacture printed wax papers wholesale the additional qualities of our paper sheet rely on the coatings that we use. The coated papers can be used for a variety of purposes, which is why multiple sectors can use’s products. We use the following coatings on the papers: 

    • Silicone 
    • Aqueous silicone emulsion 
    • Wax
    • Sizing agents 

    Sustainable Substitute 

    Our wax paper uses are far more diverse and beneficial than ordinary food wrapping. Among the various desirable features of the papers, its sustainable nature tops all. The raw materials that we use to manufacture the papers are obtained from FSC-approved forests which is why the resulting papers are 100 % sustainable. 

    Furthermore, the sustainable nature of the paper means it is food-grade and can be used as a primary packaging to cover the food. We make sure that the used coatings on the paper are fully inert so that no chemical contamination can occur to the food. 

    Custom Dimensions And Designs 

    WaxPaper not only gives diversity in custom wax paper sheets but also provides multiplicity to the dimensions and designs of paper. Whether you need paper sheets or you want pre-cut sheets you can contact us. Apart from this, we are providing diversity in the designs of paper due to our in-house printing services so you can get papers with your branding elements and in your desired colours from us. 

    Foolproof Services 

    We believe in foolproof manufacturing services so that our clients can get the exact order they desire. No matter what type of paper, coating, and dimension of custom wax paper for food you need just contact us and get the exact product. Our team is available 24/7 for your assistance so you can contact us at your art your own convenience and get your required information. 

    Fast Delivery

    We understand the importance of your time therefore we deliver your product in the smallest possible time frame. On average, we deliver your products in 6 to 8 business days. Moreover, our delivery services in North America are free of cost so you do not have to worry about delivery charges. 

    Fill In A Quote 

    Fill in the quote and experience our range of custom wax papers that are a one-stop solution for all the eateries and all the diverse food products. With a professional and skilled staff, we present the best custom food wraps in Canada, so fill in the quote and get your trusted packaging partners. 


    Customized Style

    Customized Printing

    Competitive Price

    Free Shipping

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We prefer CMYK and PMS models for printing and provide any of your required colors for your wax paper designs. 

    You simply need to visit our site to buy any of your concerned wax papers. 

    Yes of course we help all of the customers with how they can make these custom printed wax papers more impactful and useful in their businesses.  

    Yes, you can order a minimum of 1000 custom-printed wax paper, and no limit to the maximum.

    No, we aren’t limited even in any of the aspects of packaging. You can have a huge variety there and can get the best for you.

    Yes, all of your information will be safe and sound because we care about our customer’s privacy and safety.

    Everything depends on your choice of what you are looking for. You can have any required thickness on wax paper according to your concerns. All you need to do is share all of your information with our experts so they can do things accordingly.

    It will not take too much time, mostly it depends on when you need this so our experts can provide it accordingly. But the normal delivery time will take a maximum of 6 to 8 working days. 

    Yes, we are providing discounts on bulk orders so you can have lower prices which will be a good thing to handle for all of you. 

    Yes, we are providing the designing services and you can have any of them accordingly. All you need to do is share the required information so they will design your concerned ideas accordingly.



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